Saturday, October 18, 2014

Knuckle brawl!

The revolving door of the airport...everyone leaves through it. And I don't mean just passengers. The turnaround rate for employees there is much higher than other places. So, that makes finding friends a little difficult. Despite this, I'm losing friends.


Okay, that first part was from a different post about everyone leaving. Everyone left. Moving on. The battle to finish Ascension this month is heating up. Yesterday, I sat in one place until I finished the chapter. I'm close to the end now and this really should be the easiest and funnest part of the novel: The climax. I like the fast action and revelations of this portion of any book. Writing it is no different.

Other things are pulling at me though. First, I am infatuated with someone from work and that is taking up an enormous amount of brain power. The real problem is that I am working on Tommy and Me, the short story that takes place in that airport. Well, it's not a short story anymore... There is so much material that it couldn't possibly be a short story and I don't want to produce a novella nor any in-betweener. If it's going to be long, then it may as well be a novel.

But Tommy and Me is about romance in that work place, a premise inspired by a true life story I heard at LAX about two people who met there and fell in love. All of that romance thinking has me all messed up.

And the dark, adventurous plot of Ascension is fighting the comical and romantic musings in Tommy and Me.

Grrrr! To finish Ascension I have to watch dark things and listen to darker music. Thanks True Detective and Stabbing Westward.