Monday, May 25, 2015

Hide your daughters!!!

It has been over 120 days since I've been with a woman.

At this point, all women are looking really, really good. And, what's more, my mental blocks are falling apart; I'm starting to ask out co-workers. Fortunately, the single ones are just blowing me off and the majority of them are married or will be married soon or are in relationships or are busy dating B.O.B.

But as the days progress, I will ask out other co-workers and friends of co-workers. I'm doing my best to sabotage these attempts, but eventually some ladies will say yes...

Alas, my progress will go to shit. If I date any of them, my body will take over and that's that! Smacked out of the wagon and back to ground zero!

I like to think that with meditation and good writing habits, this is a manageable appetite. It's not, though. This is the sort of condition that will get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Luckily, I am very near the end of the LAX story. There are about six chapters left, maybe just five (depending on how I manage the plot). Yesterday night, I stayed up after work to write one of my favorite scenes in the novel--THE scene the entire book has been building to. It's rough still, so I will have to keep at it whenever an idea comes.

And I already have the final chapters. That includes the unique type of ending I wanted for the story. That was no easy doing! But I am confident that I have something that hasn't been tried that often. It's an interactive experience that I hope will give the story a good send-off.


And so, I look forward to June and the rest of the summer and the reading that comes with it. I'm going to finish The Girl on the Train and All the Light We Cannot See and review them both.

During the first two weeks of June I will finish off whatever is left of the LAX story. And during the last two weeks of June I will attack the other project I am currently working on as well as doing a clean-up of Absolution. That will take me at least a month, maybe less since it's mostly expansion work on material that I already have written. That will take me into the middle of July.

The second half of July I want to spend revising Ascension and the first half of August I want to do the same to The Wizards. It will be a first revision for both to get them into a form that is readable at least.

And in August, some time in August, I take a break! No more sex fasting! I'm thinking of a cruise or some other type of Singles vacation for at least a week and then I will come home and spend another week off to plan what's going to happen in the last part of 2015.

Naturally, now that I have my determination back, I have to fight off the demons that come with it. There is the old arrogance monster and the greed monster.

If I can keep my head clear, then I think I have a real shot at something special, real ascension into a place where few of us get to go.

It is still hard to explain to women why I chose the lifestyle I chose. Why don't I have a nice 9 to 5 job? Why not have a career? I already do. I'm hoping it will thrive in the future.