Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Two Plus, Two minus...

Two Plus

Capital One approved my business credit card today. That means I get a much-appreciated line of credit to help me with writer expenses while I try to sell the LAX story. The first thing I'm going to do is buy a nice suit for conferences and another for meetings with publishers/agents.

I want to look sharp, so both will have to be tailored. Not by my current tailor though; she displeased me last week with an alteration I wanted. One of my library coworkers, who is also trying to enter the publishing industry, told me that many don't wear suits or professional attire at conferences, which I think is to their disadvantage; I always wear a suit to job interviews, regardless of how much the job pays. And going to a conference to woo an agent or publisher is like a job interview.

It's silly to think that these things are important now, but that's where I'm taking my writing career. I'm also looking at options: Another of my library coworkers suggested I try screen writing in addition to prose writing to diversify my portfolio. I agree. I didn't get that degree in cinema studies to waste all I learned. If you recall, I did mention screen writing before, but that was prior to the changes that have taken place in the last few months.

I want to tear down the Tower by the end of this year. All of it. Realistically, I won't get all the way through it, but the important demolition is taking place now.

My new drive outweighs all the things that kept holding me in place, namely my insecurities.


I finally nailed the synopsis and got it to one page. Also, I wrote my first few query letters for the LAX story.


That doesn't seem like much, huh? Well, consider that I've had a hell of a time with both. The problem? Me. Myself.

A writer is as arrogant as he is insecure. That old voice second guessing me was loud and annoying as it has been since my youth. It fought me for every sentence. Knowing me so well gives it power. But, once I deal with a little problem with the manuscript, a few of those query letters will go out this weekend, possibly Friday.


Two Minus

I was done. Done! The manuscript was ready for others to see, even though I kept tinkering with it. But I couldn't get permission from Facebook to let me  use their brand in the novel. I filled out their form for a request, but nothing. Likely, it seems so mundane a request that they won't bother with it.

Just write out the Facebook stuff, then. Right? Ah...the Facebook stuff plays into the plot for a few chapters and doing away with all of that will be even more of a hassle than risking a lawsuit. So, I have to choose between going at it and risk legal problems later or...rebranding. That is, I need to create a fictional social media website to take the place of Facebook in the story.

Snowball effect! My characters also use the Facebook messenger app, so I have to change that too (since my request included Facebook the website and the Facebook messenger app).

Aaaand, since one of the characters is particular to Pusheen (a Facebook messenger user can send a number of poses of Pusheen to others), I have to do away with the six images I used in the manuscript.

Of course, the owners of Pusheen the cat licensed the image to Facebook to use with their messenger, which means I can email them to ask permission too. That means little to me now since it would make no sense to be able to use Pusheen without the Facebook messenger; the whole purpose of creating an imaginary brand is to distinguish it from existing brands to avoid lawsuits. It would be foolish to create an imaginary messenger app used with an imaginary social media website that has a feature found in Facebook and their messenger app.



My Josephine is leaving ANA tomorrow. That sucks on its own, since I won't get to see her anymore, but as a parting gift she revealed information that proves she's no Josephine at all!

It turns out that she isn't a Josephine (just interested in male friendship). When she said she was single and not looking, she meant not looking for me. She confirmed she has a boyfriend now and has for months (I think).

Ouch! So, it wasn't her. It was me. Mm. I'm not showing up for work at the airport today and tomorrow so I won't see her. I like to think I can salvage some of my dignity by not giving her any goodbye speeches and shedding tears.


But...she was part of the Tower. With her leaving the ANA airline, that is a bit of the Tower that crumbled. Supposedly, this will pave the way for opportunities. Not in love. No. Oh, dear Lord no! I'm not going through that mess again.

And, if in the future I'm still hung up on her... Life is long. You never know.

My sincerest wish  is that the next time I come across her, she will have an awesome career and be married to some awesome dude who takes care of all her needs.


Back to work!