Saturday, November 21, 2015

The yellow-brick road of rejection...revisited

Oh, don't be fooled by the title of this post. If you're a writer, then you know all about this: Rejection. I don't mean being rejected by women... Yes, I know the old adage: Rejection comes with the pair.

I am now entering a period where I will submit not just the LAX story, but also The Sprite (if I can ever get it right), and shorter pieces and even a screenplay (or two).

What I can expect is a lot of rejection. I mean, I'm going to get clubbed from every direction by agents, publishers, and little old me. This is not an easy profession I'm in.

Ironically, I've been here before. This is the summer of 2010 all over again. Except it's Fall now and that miserable heat is done (for now).

I had finished a longer project, an Urban Fantasy thing, and was looking to sell it. Just before that, I finished a different project that was part of a series. I had shorter pieces of fiction that I wanted to shop around. I had sent in a few pieces already and a few were rejected but with really nice compliments from the editors. I had but to keep writing and keep sending things in.

Back then, I despaired. My knees buckled. I couldn't deal with the rejection. Mind you, it wasn't that every publishing professional rejected me; I never got that far. It was only a few. That was enough to get through my thin armor and put me down.

That's when I discovered self-publishing and tested this thing with one of my Urban Fantasy projects, publishing it under the guise of Louis Corsair.


Before I completely demolish the Tower, it will cost me that mask. I will miss Louis Corsair. Well, no. Not really. I already got rid of the Facebook and Goodreads account. I don't miss them.


But, enough of that. I am here in 2015 and am dusting off my old projects. I'm putting myself out there again. I feel like an old maid trying her hand at dating online.

I already got a few rejections.

Hooray! I'm off to see the wizard.